Dr. Ya-Qiu Jin

Speech Title: Advancement of Chinese Meteorological Feng-Yun (FY) and Oceanic Hai-Yang (HY) Satellite Remote Sensing

Prof. & Academician
Chinese Academy of Sciences / Fudan University

E-mail: yqjin@fudan.edu.cn

1965-1970 Atmospheric Physics, Peking University, Beijing, China, B.S. (1970)
1978-1979 Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Graduate student for study abroad
1980-1984 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of EECS, Cambridge, Mass, USA M.S.(1982), E.E.(1983), Ph.D. (1985)

1985 Research Scientist, AER (Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc.), Cambridge, USA
1986-1987 Research Associate, Dept. of Physics, City College of City University of New York, USA
1988–current The Te-Pin Professor of Fudan University, School of Information Science and Engineering, and Director of Key Laboratory of Wave Scattering and Remote Sensing Information, Shanghai, China
1993-1994 Visiting Professor, Dept. Electronics, University of York, UK. Sponsored by UK Royal Society 1996-`1996 Senior Research Associateship, NOAA/NESIDIS, Maryland, USA, Awarded by USA National Research Council (NRC)
1999-2000 Visiting Professor, Dept. Electronics, City University of Hong Kong
2005 Visiting Professor, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

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