About Miaoli

Extending 1,820km2 in space, roughly 3 times the area of Singapore, having 560,000 inhabitants, not far away from Taipei City, Taichung City and the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park and 1-hour drive from the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Miaoli is an experienced host when it comes to entertaining international visitors and a renowned tour destination between the Great Taipei Metropolis and Great Taichung Metropolis for the well preserved ecology and Hakka folklore. The 18 towns and cities in Miaoli offer a rich collection of tourist resources, namely the TRA Old Mountain Line. The major scenic spots are Shengxing Station, Yutengping Broken Bridge Heritage Site and Tunnels, the Shumei Sculpture Street and Sculpture South Street, the Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum. The Jiangmayuan and Fu Zhi Xing Lin rural area are the Top 10 Classic Farmer's and Fishermen's Villages in Taiwan; Among 12 Hakka Festivals in Taiwan, two of which are famous in Miaoli: the Cloud Fire Dragon Festival and Hakka Tung Blossom Festival. Moreover, the only strawberry producer in Taiwan is located in Miaoli: the Dahu Strawberry Garden.

Other tourism spots include the Tai'an Hot Spring Area, the Taiwanese Shrines (the Nanzhuang Lion Head Mountain Temples), the only farming produce in Taiwan (Gongguan Red Dates and Tongluo Chrysanthemum), Nanzhuang Saisiyat Tribe Pas-taai (ceremony for pygmies) and the Tung Blossom Park in Hakka Yard. All suggest the hospitable people in Miaoli endeavoring in promoting the last Shangri-La in western Taiwan, assuring its growing attraction.

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